Lawlor’s are proud to be situated in the heart of Henley-on-Thames.  We believe that tradition, heritage, expertise and being part of a wider community should be at the core of our business.

Recently we have created the absolute perfect match, our wonderful historic bakery established in 1948 and the masterful 5th generation ‘Victorian Baker’ John Swift.

John’s credentials speak for themselves but what a CV doesn’t reveal is his absolute passion and dedication to his craft.  A combination of skills learned at his forefathers table and an instinct for creating contemporary products and using innovative techniques has seen John become one of the most outstanding artisan bakers of his generation.

We are proud to have John at the helm of Lawlor’s The Bakers taking us into the future.



Local Bakery, Local Ingredients

We are proud to work with Wessex Mill as a key supplier in our bakery.  Being a small family flour mill based in Wantage, Oxfordshire they have been an important partner in the Lawlor’s history.  All their flour is milled using local wheat collected from surrounding farms selecting only the best wheat.

Fresh Bread, No-Additives

Lawlor’s deliver fresh bread every day of the week, except Sunday, so our customers will always get fresh bread.  What that also means is that have eliminated artificial additives such as preservatives, leavening agents and acidity regulators that have been linked to health issues such as migraines.  What you get from Lawlor’s is a more natural and heathy product.

Long Fermentation, Nutrient Rich

Lawlor’s takes time to produce quality bread from quality ingredients.  The long fermentation process that we employ at Lawlor’s produces a nutrient rich, full flavoured bread with great structure and a high level of hydration.  The result is an overall superior and tasty loaf.

Zero Waste, Sustainability

At Lawlor’s every loaf of bread, every cake or pastry is baked to order and delivered fresh to our customers 6 days per week.  That means there is never any over-production, there are no wasted ingredients and nothing is thrown away at the end of the day.  Lawlor’s is dedicated to using sustainable ingredients and packaging wherever possible.